• MANAGER: Lupascu Costel
  • MEDICAL MANAGER: DR. Marcu Tiberiu Vladimir

World Class Technology


05.04.2011International Conference on Homeopathy Asociatia Medicala de Homeopatie (AMH) organizeaza in perioada 4-8 mai 2011 la Buzias (jud. Timis), Conferinta Internationala de Homeopatie.  Conferinta, a carei agenda va fi: "Homeopatia, medicina mileniului III - Stiinta si arta" , il va avea invitat pe domnul dr. Jorgos Kavouras - PhD, Director de Studii la International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (Alonissos - Grecia).
26.04.2011Actualities and perspectives in infectious diseasesNational Institute of Infectious Diseases "Professor Dr Matei Bals" in Bucharest organizes days 26 and 27 April 2011, in Bucharest, credited with 15 CME, the symposium "Present and perspectives in infectious diseases."

        There are relevant trends that determine the e-health initiative from all the countries and economies. Due to the globalization and the interest in the cost reduction, new and more efficient procedures become necessary. The hospitals must decide to act in the condition of a turning point in the technology regarding the informatics strategy, due to the radical changes in the area.

        The Pneumology Hospital from Botosani has chosen a world-class product to meet this change. Implemented solution is built on world-class technology to guarantee to keep it "evergreen". When designing integrated solution to achieve an interface priority was friendly, neat interface that allows user to easily program menus. The integrated system will have an update, and is moving to new versions without interrupting medical activity. Technical support and maintenance will be done through software produced novel partner, a partner who is open to recommendations to remedy problems that may occur in the operation of the integrated system..

        The base objective of the system consists in recording the whole lifecycle of the patient and all the relevant data concerning him. This includes all the successive stages required for the medical act. At this objective we can also add:

  • increasing quality of the medical act;
  • increasing quality of the management act of the hospital
  • enhancing the offered medical services;
  • increasing the standards in the medical practice;


    This Product covers the necessities of evidence, coordination and control of the medical, administrative and financial activities that take place in hospitals. The system aims to increase the quality of the medical act, the decrease of administrative costs and the optimization of the activity flow of the institution. The system in conceived under modular shape, that allows the access to the system both integral and fractionated.




    Pneumology Hospital is located on Str. Trandafirilor, nr.24, in Botosani. The access is pedestrian or car Mihai Eminescu Boulevard or Street. Nicolae Iorga. Read the guide and click on the map.